5 Things I’ve Learned About Tinder in the Past 24 Hours

I gave up Tinder (and 4 other dating apps) for Lent. I am unbelievably proud of myself for doing this but I was a little too excited to download them again once Lent ended.

Yesterday morning, I downloaded Tinder again as I laid in bed with no electricity and began my swipe journey.

These are 5 things I learned since being back on Tinder in the past 24 hours


1. I am very picky.

Rather than swipe left or right quickly at first glance, I have taken the time to open the profiles of guys I am more interested in than others.

2. Getting a match is positive reinforcement.

It’s actually such a good feeling to get instantly matched with a guy, especially one who you feel is way out of your league.

3. Guys are needy.

They say girls can be needy… but guys on Tinder can be just as needy. Last night, I was attempting to work on homework. (Realistically, I took a “me night” and watched 30 Rock but regardless… I said I was doing homework.) I may always have my phone on me but I’m not one for texting back right away. To anyone. If I didn’t send a reply back in 5 minutes, he would send another message. I am not built for this.

4. The only guys I seem to be swiping right for are over 25 (usually closer to 30) and have good jobs.

Hi, if you’re 30 and are wearing a backwards hat in your first photo, byeeeee.

5. I don’t need Tinder. 

When I used to have Tinder, I thought that because I don’t get to go out and meet new people often, it should be something I have to keep my options open. After 40 days of not being on it, I realize that I don’t really need it and I was much happier without it. My therapist had me track my moods in the past month on a calendar and I have been in a really good place. If Tinder is going to mess that up, I don’t want a part of it.

For now, it’s fun to window shop and see who is out there.


About prettiestpanic

Small-town Canadian sorority girl & psychology major embracing her inner Carrie Bradshaw & Mindy Lahiri. Rarely found without a wineglass or caffeinated beverage in hand. Follow me on Twitter (@michguzrat) because odds are, if you've thought about it, I've said it in 140 characters or less.

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