FNF – March 11, 2016

Happy Friday, WordPress friends! I haven’t blogged about other things in a while because I have successfully been able to keep my anxiety under control for the most part and have given up on boys and coffee.

In the meantime, here is this week’s facebook note Friday.

Give me a word that rhymes with your first name:

If you were in a band, which instrument would you like to play in it?
Keyboards, obviously

Which do you find more intriguing: the past or the future?
They’re both intriguing for different reasons

How did you find out exactly where it is that babies come from?
LOL I don’t really remember

Who, in your opinion, is the most gorgeous person on Earth?
The world is filled with so many gorgeous people.

Did you wake up to a text from anybody today?
I did… from the night before asking if I was up … because #fuckboys

Do you have any posters on your bedroom walls?

Describe your perfect 3-course dinner: (starter, main, dessert and drink)
Starter: Caesar Salad & stuffed mushrooms
Main: Either a really good pasta dish or a steak with mashed potatoes and veggies
Dessert: Cheesecake – something caramelly or strawberry
Drink: Wine

Do you find parodies of songs funny?
Some of them are hilarious

What is your favourite song by Lady Gaga?
You & I

If you could have any pet in the world, what would you have?
A dog. I don’t care what kind. I just want a dog.

What’s a combination of two colours that you like?
Red & Black

Are you a good speller?
I like to think so

What is your opinion on Nicki Minaj?
I don’t really care haha

This or that?

Blondes or brunettes?
I usually like guys who are brunettes

Apples or oranges?

Stay in or go out?
Depends on my mood. Usually stay in

Day or night?

Tea or coffee?
Tea but I love coffee too…

Comedy or drama?
I love both… how can I choose

Your favourites:

Of all time? Man that’s hard. I can’t decide.

Pink Floyd


Not sure about this one

Film genre:
Romantic comedies and psychological thrillers

Cartoon character:
I don’t really have one


The Harry Potter series

Water, wine, and everything fine


I am a male.
I like dance music.
I have brown eyes.
It’s the summer.
I am single.
I have been fraped. (I had to look up what this is) 
I love my friends.
I threw up last time I was drunk.
I miss somebody right now.
I think a lot before I go to sleep.
The only thing I seem to do is eat.
There is a certain celebrity I find very attractive.

I have taken a bus in the past week.


What’s your name?

When’s your birthday?
January 15th

What colour is your hair?
It’s like a dark reddish-purply brown

What colour are your eyes?

Do you have any siblings?

Do you get on with your parents?

What are your interests?
Reading, writing, blogging, photography, art

Do you have any hobbies?
Yup (see above)

Why are you taking this survey?
It’s Friday. This is what I do.

Can you…

Not very well

In the car, I sing like an angel

…make people laugh easily?

…play any instruments?
The piano/keyboard, a couple chords on guitar

…hide your feelings well?

…hold back on your opinion?

Your past.

Did you go through any embarrasing phases?
Of course I did!

What colours have your hair been?
Just dark brown (natural colour), a bright reddish brown, and a purply brown

What kind of clothes did you wear?
Dresses, tomboy clothes, preppy clothes, I think I’ve been through all the phases

Did you do anything you regret?
No regrets, they all made me who I am today

Did you do anything you’re pleased you did?
Many things. I made many great memories

Were you much different from how you are now?
In some ways, I’m very much the same. I’m also very different

What was your favourite song when you were little?
Michelle – The Beatles

Did you ever think you’d turn out how you have?
Yes and no. I’m proud of who I have become. But I am doing things I never thought I would do.

Did you like school?
Loved it.

Did you have any crushes on celebrities?
Of course!

Your present.
What room are you in?
I’m at work

Are you wearing any make-up?
Just a bit of eyeliner

What else are you wearing?
Yoga pants, long sleeve shirt

Are you in a relationship?

Is anybody speaking to you? (online or in the real world)

Are you listening to music?
The tv is on

What are you thinking about?
I’m tired.

Who would you like to see right now?
I just want to go home and sleep

Is the TV on?

Is anything annoying you?
Not really

How are you temperature-wise?
I’m comfortable

What kind of emotions are you currently experiencing?
I’m numb at the moment. Not sure how to feel about that one

Is your hair up or down?
It’s always up at work

Where is your mother?
Probably at home.

Your future:
Is marriage a possibility?
I hope so

How about kids?
I hope so

How many kids would you want?
1 or 2

Any names that you may just name them with?
I like Andrew and Michaela

Do you worry about how you will look when you’re older?

What will you think when you look back on your current self?
Probably laugh at how cute I am

How old would you say you act?
I think I act my age

Any piercings or tattoos?
My nose is pierced and my cartilage is pierced

Ever get really hungry in the middle of the night?

Are you considered an attractive person by others?

Are you a little conceited, or are you humble?

What’s your sexual orientation?

How do you act when you’re drunk?
I’m usually all over the place in a non-sloppy way

Do you enjoy the feeling of being intoxicated?

Describe your perfect day:
Depends on my mood. Some days I think the perfect day is just being at home with my mom. Other times, It’d be going on adventures.

Where is your phone?
Next to me.

Are you confident or shy?
I can be confident but I am also quite shy

Have you enjoyed this survey?
It did its job


About prettiestpanic

Small-town Canadian sorority girl & psychology major embracing her inner Carrie Bradshaw & Mindy Lahiri. Rarely found without a wineglass or caffeinated beverage in hand. Follow me on Twitter (@michguzrat) because odds are, if you've thought about it, I've said it in 140 characters or less.

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